Last Update: Aug 18 2019 3:39PM

LeaderBoard · Hambach 2019 · CCI3*-S - U25 Förderpreis

  • Judge at C : Dr. Helmut METT (GER)
  • Judge at B : Dieter HESSELBACH (GER)
  • Technical Delegate: Burkhard BECK-BROICHSITTER (GER)
Rank No.Rider HorseDressage Rank after
Cross-Country Rank after
Jumping Final
1.299Jérôme ROBINÉGERGuccimo R OLD  335,076,1423,901.8,0006:3231,901.0,0075,9131,90
2.319Miriam ENGELGERBonita Bella  295,067,0533,002.0,0006:0433,002.12,0069,2445,00
3.138Pauline KNORRGERLucy Dynamik  283,564,4335,604.9,6006:3645,204.0,0073,7545,20
4.298Jérôme ROBINÉGERBrave Heart 10  277,563,0736,906.8,8006:3445,705.0,0075,7045,70
5.188Christina SCHÖNIGERGERSchoensgreen Continus  283,564,4335,604.6,8006:2942,403.12,0074,2954,40
6.313Annabel KURTHGERCaptain Morgan S  267,060,6839,308.11,6006:4150,906.12,0069,1662,90
7.13Niklas BSCHORERGERBack in Time 2  260,059,0940,909.27,6007:2168,507.4,0074,1272,50
264Theresa MÜLLERGERSchoensgreen Lenny  288,565,5734,403.RT XC
167Pauline KNORRGERQuantana P  267,560,8039,207.EL XC

9 Competitors

1R=1 Refusal, 2R=2 Refusals, 3R=3 Refusals, FR=Fall of Rider, FH=Fall of Horse, FOF=Fall on Flat, TH=Trapped Horse, MF=Missed Flag, BD=Breakable Device, DR=Dangerous Riding, MJ=Missed Jump, RT=Retired, EL=Eliminated, DQ=Disqualified, WD=Widthdrawn, FD=Fence down