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DressageSheet · 2022 MARS Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill presented by Brown Advisory · CCI3*-L

No.Rider Horse
1Doug PAYNEUSAQuiberon
International Sporthorse Registry Oldenburg Registry North America (ISREG) | stallion | bay | 7 | by QUITE EASY out of AVALON by A FINE ROMANCE | ELIZABETH CALLAHAN | Doug PAYNE, Jessica PAYNE

01Enter collected canter. Collected trot6,56,5
02Track right. Medium trot (sitting or rising). Collected trot7,57
03Shoulder-in left. Half circle left 10 meter6,57
04Half circle right 10 meter. Shoulder-in right6,56,5
05Medium walk. Turn right to G6,56,5
06Halt, rein back 4 steps. Proceed in medium walk7,58
07Turn left, 20 meter half circle left. Extended walk77
08Medium walk. Collected canter left lead7,56,5
09Medium canter. Collected canter7,57
1010-meter circle left7,57
11Change rein with a simple change at X7,56,5
1210-meter circle right7,57
13Change rein with a simple change at X6,57
14Collected trot. Turn down center line77
15Half-pass left to between S and H77
16Collected trot. Down center line. Half-pass right to between V and K7,56,5
17Collected trot. Working trot 20-meter half circle allowing the horse to stretch forward and down in rising trot. Before K: Shorten to reins77
18Turn down center line7,57,5
19Halt, salute7,56
20Harmony of Athlete and Horse7,56,5