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DressageSheet · Horse Trials Westerstede 2021 · CCI1*-Intro Junge Reiter / Reiter > 71 RLP & foreign Athletes

No.Rider Horse
656Mariavirginia SIROLLIITABeautiful Belmaniere
Stud Book du Cheval Selle Français (SBSF) | gelding | bay | 10 | by SUNDAY DE RIVERLAND out of GLYCINE BELMANIERE by QREDO DE PAULSTRA | - | BRECCIAROLI STEFANO

01Enter working trot, Track left67,5
02Circle left 10 meters77
03Show some lengthened strides in trot, sitting or rising77
04Turn down center line. Leg yield to the left66,5
05Working canter right lead77,5
06Circle right 15 meters5,57
07Show some lengthened strides in canter. Develop working canter67,5
08Working trot. Circle right 10 meters5,57
09Show some lengthened strides in trot, sitting or rising67
10Halt, immobility 5 seconds, Proceed medium walk77
11Free walk on a long rein. Medium walk6,56,5
12Working trot6,56,5
13Turn down center line, Leg yield to the right5,56,5
14Working canter left lead6,57
15Circle left 15 meters6,57
16Lengthen strides in canter. Develop working canter67
17Working trot6,57
18Begin to allow the horse to strech forward and down in rising trot6,57
19Half circle left 20 meters, rising trot, letting the horse stretch forward and down6,56,5
20Re take the reins. Turn down center line5,56,5
21Halt, salute76
22Harmony of Athlete and Horse6,57