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DressageSheet · Varsseveld 2021 · CCIP1-L

No.Rider Horse
16Bente BARTELSNEDPeggy's Rocket
- | gelding | grey | 17 | by BURREN ROCKET out of MEG by CATAMARAN | Mr Fred Barry | Bente BARTELS

01Enter at working trot, Halt, salute, Proceed in working trot. Track to the right in working trot67
02Working trot. Circle 10 meters6,57,5
03Working trot6,57,5
04Circle 10 meters. Working trot6,57,5
05On the center line Leg-yielding in working trot. Working trot6,56
06Halt, Immobility and66,5
07Reinback 4-5 steps immediately proceed in medium walk6,57
08Medium work. Change rein on free walk. Medium walk57
09The medium walk CH and BP5,56
10Working trot6,56,5
11On the center line. Leg-yielding in working trot. Working trot55,5
12Proceed in working canter (right). Working canter6,57
13One loop 10 meters from the track. Working canter6,56
14Medium canter, Half circle 20 meters (medium canter)67
15Working canter, Working trot6,56,5
16Change rein in medium trot (sitting or rising). Working trot6,56
17Working canter left. Working canter77
18One loop 10 meters from the track. Working canter6,56,5
19Medium canter. Half circle 20 meters (medium canter)76
20Working canter. Working trot6,56,5
21Half circle 20 meters, passing the center line. Give and take the rein6,57,5
22Working trot. On the center line6,57
23Halt, Immobility. Salute.6,57
24Harmony of Athelte and Horse6,56,5