Last Update: Sep 29 2019 2:55PM

LeaderBoard · Varsseveld 2019 · CCI3*-S KNHS Kampioenschap 7 jarige eventing paarden

  • Judge at C : Peter ECK (BUL)
  • Judge at E : Rene VAN DER LOO (NED)
  • Technical Delegate: Wim DENNEBOOM (NED)
Rank No.Rider HorseDressage Rank after
Jumping Rank after
Cross-Country Final
331Justus VALKNEDFitzgerald  282,564,2035,801.8,0087,2643,801.EL XC
335Okke PEEMENNEDHappy Lady  227,051,5948,402.4,0085,5952,402.EL XC

2 Competitors

1R=1 Refusal, 2R=2 Refusals, 3R=3 Refusals, FR=Fall of Rider, FH=Fall of Horse, FOF=Fall on Flat, TH=Trapped Horse, MF=Missed Flag, BD=Breakable Device, DR=Dangerous Riding, MJ=Missed Jump, RT=Retired, EL=Eliminated, DQ=Disqualified, WD=Widthdrawn, FD=Fence down