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DressageSheet · Millstreet 2019 · Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan CCI2*-S · Section A

No.Rider Horse
124Joshua LEVETTGBRAthleet V
Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland - Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands | stallion | roan | 14 | by TENERIFE VDL out of LOTTE by WELLINGTON | M.J. VERSCHURE, WASPIK (NED) | Clare , Anne & Mike Prentice & Bill Levett

01Enter at working Trot. Track right in working trot76,5
02Working trot. Change the rein in Medium trot (sitting or rising). Working trot56
03Down the centre line. Leg-yield to the left. Working trot4,56,5
04Down the centre line. Leg-yield to the right. Working trot56
05Serpentine of 2 loops in working trot (sitting or rising), each loop to go the side of the arena. The horse to stretch forward and down to the contact on a long rein. Before I, shorten the reins.55
06Working trot5,56
07Medium walk. Extended walk. Medium walk76
08The Medium walk CHS and PF76,5
09Working trot. Working canter right. Working canter76
10Medium canter. Transition to Working canter66
11Half circle right 12 metres returning to the track between E and V5,55
12Half-circle left 20 metres in counter canter. Counter canter66
13Working trot. Working canter left. Working canter6,56,5
14Medium canter. Transition to Working canter66,5
15Half circle left 12 metres returning to the track between E and S66,5
16Half-circle right 20 metres in counter canter. Counter canter56
17Working trot. Half-circle 10 metres to L. Down centre line in working trot66,5
18Halt, immobility, salute6,56
19Overall Impression of Athlete and Horse5,56