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LeaderBoard · Lignières 2019 · CCI4*-S - ERM

  • Judge at C : Angela TUCKER (GBR)
  • Judge at M : Nathalie CARRIÈRE (FRA)
  • Judge at E : Andrew BENNIE (NZL)
  • Technical Delegate: Patricia CLIFTON (GBR)
Rank No.Rider HorseDressage Rank after
Jumping Rank after
Cross-Country Final
1.5Gemma TATTERSALLGBRJalapeno  559,577,7122,302.2,0080,4824,301.0,0006:5224,30
Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain | mare | chestnut | 11 | by CHILLI MORNING out of MAIDEN VOYAGE by SHAAB | MR NICK GAUNTLETT, CHIPPING SODBURY | Mr Stone Christopher
Rank: 3.
J-Faults: 0 - T-Faults: 2,00
Rank: 2.
J-Faults: 0 - T-Faults: 0,00
2.4Michael JUNGGERStar Connection FRH  564,078,3321,701.4,0075,6725,702.0,0006:4925,70
3.17Sarah COHENGBRTreason  554,577,0123,003.6,0080,9129,003.0,0006:5429,00
4.18Arnaud BOITEAUFRAQuoriano ENE HN  505,570,2129,8014.2,4081,1132,208.0,0006:5232,20
5.16Gireg LE COZFRAAisprit de la Loge  509,070,6929,3013.1,2078,8730,505.2,8007:0233,30
6.3Christopher BURTONAUSQuality Purdey  504,070,0030,0015.4,8077,3834,8010.0,0006:4434,80
7.6Alexander BRAGGGBRZagreb  543,575,4924,504.10,0080,3534,509.0,8006:5735,30
8.8Christine BATESAUSAdelaide Hill  501,069,5830,4016.7,2083,2037,6012.10,0007:2047,60
9.1Tim PRICENZLAscona M  523,072,6427,406.4,0075,7831,407.25,2007:5856,60
10.12Thomas CARLILEFRAAtos Barbotiere  521,072,3627,607.2,0080,5129,604.28,0007:1557,60
11.15Marco BIASIAITATresor de la Loge  493,568,5431,5017.6,8082,5238,3013.28,8008:0767,10
12.13David DOELGBRMr Hiho  515,071,5328,508.7,6084,0336,1011.43,2007:5379,30
13.7Maxime LIVIOFRAApi du Libaire  539,074,8625,105.13,2078,8438,3014.50,0008:1088,30
2Oliver TOWNENDGBRAlcatraz  509,570,7629,2012.1,6079,1930,806.RT XC
19Tom GOEMANBELSibo de Quiesce  515,071,5328,508.13,2088,1841,7016.EL XC
14Phoebe LOCKEGBRPica d'Or  480,566,7433,3018.12,0085,7045,3018.EL XC
11Kristina COOKGBRBilly the Red  514,571,4628,508.11,6084,7940,1015.WDbXC
10Jonelle PRICENZLGrovine de Reve  514,571,4628,508.15,6084,2944,1017.WDbXC

18 Competitors

1R=1 Refusal, 2R=2 Refusals, 3R=3 Refusals, FR=Fall of Rider, FH=Fall of Horse, FOF=Fall on Flat, TH=Trapped Horse, MF=Missed Flag, BD=Breakable Device, DR=Dangerous Riding, MJ=Missed Jump, RT=Retired, EL=Eliminated, DQ=Disqualified, WD=Widthdrawn, FD=Fence down